Case Study:

Enabling Bubbledogs to increase customer acquisition by 20%


  • “We have found with Qudini that our customers are happy to wait, now we can manage their waiting times so much better. We wouldn’t be happy to go back to the old process”
    James Snowdon | Manager, Bubbledogs

Client Profile

Bubbledogs is a hot dogs with champagne restaurant in the heart of London, a small but popular restaurant with a great atmosphere that always attracts significant footfall.


Like many popular modern restaurants, Bubbledogs operate a no bookings policy, previously Bubbledogs’ had thought that making customers queue outside was the best way to turn tables quickly. However, the customer experience was not ideal and dissuaded customers from visiting as customers could wait between 0.5-2 hours outside the restaurant. The queue was also manpower intensive to manage, this meant they were serving fewer customers and not operating at optimum efficiency.

Clipboard challenge


Bubbledogs implemented Qudini Waitlist App enabling customer entering the restaurant to give their details to waiter with a tablet app.

Once added to the digital waitlist, customers will receive an SMS confirmation with countdown weblink of their waitlist position. Rather than standing in a physical queue, customer can now enjoy their wait in nearby bar.



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    in additional revenue per restaurant per annum. Now that more customers are seated every night.

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    82% reduction

    in physical queuing time: with Qudini customers have to wait a maximum of 10 minutes outside the restaurant

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    20% increase

    in customer acquisition and retention, now that customers aren’t put off by the queue outside the restaurant and can enjoy their wait

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    £15 K annual savings

    on the previous cost of a door host, now that customers can wait remotely a door host is no longer required

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    Increased spend

    Customers are spending more in the restaurant: due to the better restaurant atmosphere and improved waiting experience

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    Faster table turnover

    Even though customers wait remotely; as Qudini allows the staff to easily call back customers in advance of when a table will become available so that they are ready and waiting when the table is free

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