Brown Thomas Covid-19 Case Study Appointment Scheduling Software and Virtual Queuing System

Case Study


Brown Thomas uses queuing and appointment scheduling software to create powerful Covid-19 customer journey

Brown Thomas and Arnotts is a group of seven luxury department stores located in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. Brown Thomas is part of the Selfridges Group, which provides leading luxury shopping experiences for millions of customers around the world, and is home to a number of leading high-end brands including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Lululemon. Brown Thomas is using Qudini’s Queue Management Software and Appointment Booking Software to provide a safe and engage customer experience to online and in-store customers throughout Covid-19.

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The challenge

During the Covid-19 lockdown when Brown Thomas was temporarily closed, the retailer was looking to find ways to continue serving its customers through online channels.

There was a strong demand for online shopping, but the brand wanted a way to provide the personalized one-to-one approach it was known for, as well as attract new customers to the brand.

And when stores reopened, Brown Thomas wanted to provide a safe and engaging customer experience across its store portfolio. This meant looking at a number of innovative social distancing measures to put in place in stores that didn’t disrupt the customer journey.

The Solution

Virtual appointments

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Brown Thomas used Qudini’s Appointment Booking Software to allow customers to book appointments with personal stylists and beauty consultants online from the comfort of their own homes. This service has seen a huge uptake from new customers (particularly younger generations) that have not previously visited Brown Thomas stores.

  • Visitor time-slot scheduling

    When stores reopened in early June, Brown Thomas used Qudini’s appointment booking software to allow customers to reserve time-slots to enter its stores, allowing them to stagger customer visits throughout the day. Customers can now book a time-slot to enter a store online, and receive regular reminder notifications and alerts before their visit.

    Virtual queuing outside stores

    If a store reaches capacity, which is currently happening most weekends, store teams use Qudini’s virtual queuing system to allow customers to join a virtual queue, where they receive a position number, estimated wait time and real-time notifications about when they can return to store.

  • Virtual queuing inside stores

    In addition, Brown Thomas also use Qudini’s virtual queuing app for ’internal queuing’ for popular brands within the department store, including Lululemon, Chanel and Hermes. To handle capacity restrictions, each concession brand has a customer host equipped with a tablet to enable them to add customers to a waitlist to enter their section and to receive service. Customers are updated by SMS and a smartphone countdown while they wait their turn.

    Contactless click and collect

    Brown Thomas is also now starting to use Qudini to enhance its click and collect services by enabling customers to book collection times or to check-in from their phone for curbside collections.


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  • Higher NPS scores

    Brown Thomas has noticed a significant increase in NPS scores since deploying Qudini’s software in stores and online.

    We’ve definitely seen an increase in customers purchasing products. Because the level of customer services are much improved, we are able to serve those patients in a better timescale, which makes not only the patients come back to us, but recommend us to friends and family.
    – Jacob Burns, Store Assistant Manager, Specsavers Plymouth

    Attracting new customer-base

    Roughly 70% of customers making online appointments with personal stylists and beauty consultants are new. They also fall into a younger demographic.

    I am certain that Qudini helps improve customer loyalty. It helps us to identify why someone has come into our practice and allows us to offer them the best possible journey at the right place at the right time.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth

  • Increased interest in online channels

    A lot of new customers have actively engaged with the brand during the lockdown through its online channels.

    Qudini has enabled us to have much more pleasant customer experience in the store and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue. People are able to come in and complete their sight-tests a bit quicker, which means that they are more likely to stay with us and buy glasses.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth

    Positive customer feedback

    Customers have commented that Brown Thomas’s in-store social distancing measures have made them feel safe while keeping a positive in-store experience.

    Qudini helps me in knowing with confidence where my patients are and that leaves me having less stress within my working day and that has made me perform better.
    – Val Collard, Lead Optometrist, Specsavers Plymouth

  • More competitive offering

    The Qudini booking system enables Brown Thomas and Arnotts to capture more footfall from online and turn it into in-store traffic as compared to their local competitors without an online appointment booking option.

    As a management team it’s a fantastic tool and we’re now able to see how long certain processes take within the store. That’s allowed us to coordinate how many members of the team we have for various different parts of the journey. That, in turn, has improved their customer service levels, reduced waiting times and added to the general ambience of being organised.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth


    Better resource allocation

    The Qudini data analytics platform enables Brown Thomas and Arnotts’ beauty brands to analyze their concession’s footfall trends in order to more effectively allocate resources.

  • Improved loyalty

    The improved customer experience coupled with the simplicity and ease of booking a service has led to more customers returning to the store for additional beauty services.

    Greater insights

    Qudini capture a wealth of data that enables each Brown Thomas and Arnotts beauty concession brands’ head offices to better understand their customer needs and behaviors to improve their resource planning and marketing initiatives.

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