Case Study:

Enabling Brook to:

Improve patient experience, with 100% of patients following through from booking to appointment.

Offer greater service accessibility, particularly for vulnerable and in-need patients.

Improve clinic efficiency, thanks to better-managed patients and team activities.


  • “Our team find it extremely easy to use and customers always keep their bookings”
    Calley Toomey | Digital Product Manager

Client Profile

Brook is the UK’s leading provider of sexual health services and advice for young people under 25. Brook has over 50 years’ experience working with young people and currently has services in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey as well as a digital service, Ask Brook.


Brook’s sexual health walk-in clinics are only open for a few days each week. As a result, Brook could experience high volumes of patients complaining or walking out on those days. Brook had no way of allowing patients to pre-book appointments online or on-site, so patients who walked out were unable to plan a return visit at a more convenient time.
For vulnerable ‘at-risk’ patients, particularly those who had had a traumatic experience, the lack of seamless access to service was a particular concern.

Meanwhile, Brook only had limited data on their patient experience and clinic operations.

Queue Challenge


Brook uses the Qudini Appointment Scheduling software to improve patient access to its services.



• The Brook reception team can book appointments for patients on-site and over the phone.
• Patients using the Brook website can access an online interface to choose an appointment at a time and location that suits them.
• Brook uses the ‘We use Qudini’ logo kit online to explain how the service works.
• Patients receive confirmation, reminder emails and SMS messages in advance of their appointment.



Using the Qudini Floor Management features, the clinic team are able to manage their patients, staff, breaks and activities, whilst further improving efficiency through cross-clinic visibility and communications.

  • Sexual Health Online Appointment Booking Software Qudini
  • Sexual Health Online Appointment Scheduling Software Qudini


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    Greater service accessibility

    Now patients can book online, Brook’s services are more accessible, especially for those in significant need after a traumatic event. Without Qudini, these patients would have to visit the clinic unsure of whether they would be seen.

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    Supporting those in need

    The appointment service offers priority access for the most vulnerable individuals, ensuring they can get support as soon as possible without any uncertainty.

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    Improved patient experience

    100% of appointment bookings made were kept, demonstrating that patients heavily valued the increased access to service.

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    More patients seen

    The online appointment service makes it easier for more patients to book and visit the clinic. In addition, as the clinic operates more efficiently using the Qudini Floor Management Features, clinic staff see and support more customers.

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    Improved resource allocation

    The Qudini Appointment Booking Software enables Brook to access data on its clinic operations and patient needs. As such, they can better plan resources based on patient needs.

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    Improved staff retention

    The improved clinic experience helps Brook improve doctor and receptionist satisfaction. As such, more staff remain at the clinic, reducing time spent on recruitment and training.

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    More than 800% ROI

    Brook makes more than an 800% ROI on their monthly investment in the Qudini software through reduced appointment times alone.

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