Case Study:

Brook is the UK’s leading provider of sexual health services and advice for young people under 25. Brook has over 50 years of experience working with young people and currently has services in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey as well as a digital Ask Brook service.


Brook’s Sexual Health walk-in clinics are only open for a couple of days a week. As a result, Brook could experience high volumes of patients complaining or walking out.

Brook had no way of allowing patients to pre-book appointments online or onsite.

So those patients who walked out were unable to plan a return visit at a more convenient time.

Brook patients were also unable to access the services they required via the clinic website. For vulnerable ‘at-risk’ patients, this was of particular concern.

Brook also only had limited data on the patient experience and clinic operations.

Queue Challenge


Brook uses the Qudini Appointment Booking Software to improve patient access to its services.

The Brook reception team can now book appointments for patients on site and over the phone.

Brook also branded the Qudini online appointment booking interface and placed a link to it from its website. This enables patients online to choose an appointment service and time that’s suitable for them. Patients receive email and SMS reminders in advance of their appointment.

Brook uses the “We use Qudini” logo kit to explain to customers how the service works.

Brook Qudini Solution


  • 100%

    Of Appointment bookings were served in the Brook clinic. Demonstrating that once a patient has planned their appointment they are always likely to turn up.

  • Supporting those in need

    The appointment service offers priority access for individuals who are most vulnerable and in need, ensuring they can get the support as soon as possible without any uncertainty.

  • More patients seen

    The online appointment service makes it easy for more patients to book and visit the clinic. This enables the clinic to see and support more customers

  • Greater Service Accessibility

    The online appointment booking service enabled the Brook clinic to improve patient access to its services, without patients having to arrive uncertain as to whether or not  they would be seen.

  • Better resource planning

    The Qudini appointment booking software enables Brook to access data on its clinic operations and patient needs, helping it to resource according to patient demand

  • Better patient experience

    Now that patients can pre-book, they are more relaxed about their visit and the Brook team are able to plan better for their appointment and provide a more tailored service.


  • “Our team find it extremely easy to use and customers always keep their bookings”
    Calley Toomey | Digital Product Manager

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