Case Study:

Bodean’s is a chain of Smokehouse restaurants based in London.


  • “It’s definitely less stressful. It makes me calmer and more confident because things are easier to manager and customers complain less”
    Host | Bodean’s

Client Profile


To maximize table turnover, Bodean’s operate a walk-in only policy. Previously they used a clipboard and pen waitlist and would call customers by phone when a table became available. This waiting experience caused frustration for customers who felt that they were waiting endlessly for their phone to ring, with no updates or assurance that the staff had written down their number correctly. Whilst the process meant the door hosts were very fixed to the landline phone urgently calling customers back when a table freed up. They also had no way to know which customers had left the waitlist until they phoned them, which caused a lot of wasted time and anxiety.

Clipboard challenge


Bodean’s use Qudini’s Restaurant Waitlist App to allow their host managing the door to greet customers with an iPad to take their details into the digital waitlist.

The customers will receive a text confirming they are on the waitlist with a Bodean’s branded queue tracker weblink, where they can keep an eye on their position and view menu whilst they wait in a nearby pub. If the customer wishes to cancel they can text back any time.

Meanwhile the host can manage all their customers in a simple intuitive interface, letting customers know when their table is ready at the click of a button.


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    1 night

    In a month is all that is required to make a return on the monthly cost of Qudini on the additional seated customers

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    In additional revenue seated per restaurant per month, now that customers are seated faster.

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    2.5 hours saved every night

    Now that the door hosts can call customers back at the click of a button, the hosts use this time previously spent on the phone to help clear tables and seat more customers faster

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    100% reduction

    In table open time, now that the host knows which customers have cancelled their waitlist position and because parties are returning faster

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    Increased table turnover

    Now that customers can text in if they wish to cancel, the hosts aren’t wasting time trying to call customers who have found somewhere else to eat and can seat the next part faster.

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    Door hosts save 2.5 hours each night

    Now that they can call customers back at the click of a button and no longer need to spend time on the phone, the hosts use this time to help clear tables and seat more customers faster.

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    Competitive Advantage

    52% of customers said they would choose the Bodean’s waiting experience over a competitor without the Qudini experience.

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