L'Occitane Appointment Scheduling Software Case Study

Case Study


L’Occitane is one of the largest beauty retailers, with over 750 stores in 90 countries and a presence in hundreds of concession stores. It contacted Qudini to make use of our powerful Retail Choreography solutions. 

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The challenge

In a strategic move to transform their in-store experience, while also adhering to contemporary high-street trends and appealing to the growing millennial and GenZ demographics, L’Occitane has been building new in-store service offerings, including complimentary hand massages and skincare rituals.

These initiatives were designed to increase footfall in stores, by encouraging customers to come in-store to test, experience and buy products, while also boosting the number of customers interacting with the beauty retailer’s brand. To achieve this, they needed a retail-focused appointment booking system to enable their customers to book services online or in-store.

The solution

To drive footfall to their new in-store services within their flagship store in London, L’Occitane deployed the flexible, powerful and yet simple-to-manage Qudini Appointment Scheduling software. In addition, they used the Qudini Event Management software to manage their in-store events targeted at engaging the press and influencer community. The software enables them to create a more millennial-focused proposition and drives these younger consumer demographics to their stores.

The customer journey

The appointment customer journey with Qudini Appointment Scheduling software:
• Customers using the beauty retailer’s website can select a brand and book a hand massage or skincare ritual appointment
• A confirmation SMS and email confirms the customer’s booking
• A reminder SMS and email are sent the day before the appointment
• When the customer arrives in store the staff check them in and see them right away.


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  • Increased sales

    The Qudini software drives new footfall to the beauty retailer’s stores’ services from online, 55% of which will convert to a sale at a high transaction value. This drives an ROI of 1,733% on the cost of using Qudini.

    Driving future revenues

    The Qudini software drives new footfall to stores, enabling the beauty retailer to build more customer relationships that will eventually convert online or across their channel partners. If each of those customers made just one additional purchase with the beauty retailer’s brand, this would enable the beauty retailer to generate an additional 3,262% ROI on the cost of using Qudini.

  • Improved Millennial proposition

    The new in-store services and online appointment booking offering make Qudini more appealing to the younger Millennial demographic, who are now able to more easily transition to an offline shopping experience despite their ‘online-first’ mentality.

    Improved store productivity

    Retailer’s staff no longer waste time managing appointments and can focus on more important tasks. In addition, store managers use Qudini to manage their colleagues availability, activities and breaks, helping to save time and improve store productivity.

  • Improved event management

    The Qudini Event Management software allows the beauty retailer to easily manage their influencer and press events, creating a better experience and saving time for their event teams.

    Data insights that improve resourcing and marketing

    Qudini provides the beauty retailer with unique data insights on footfall trends and customer needs, enabling the business to understand how to best allocate resources and improve their marketing initiatives.


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