Our client is a British multinational banking and financial services company that operates a network of more than 1,000 branches across more than 70 countries and employs almost 90,000 people. The organization partnered with Qudini to deploy our innovative Retail Choreography software in its head office IT support function. 

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The challenge

Our client offers their banking services across the world, employing almost 90,000 people globally. To ensure their employees are able to work efficiently, strong tech support is needed at every headquarters. As a global business, the bank operates a 24-hour support team with a tech bar located at key locations to help solve localized issues during peak periods. The tech bar serves as the center of all internal operations by helping employees set-up, learn about and repair the technology devices that they use to power the bank’s business.

To ensure that every employee is seen quickly and without creating dwell time, the tech bar in the bank’s head office now use the Qudini Queue Management system. They selected Qudini as a globally operating company that could seamlessly deploy a flexible and customisable out-of-box solution to their international head office with little implementation cost.

Employee Tech support experience

Using the Qudini Queue Management system:
• Employees entering the tech bar for service join a digital queue from a tablet kiosk
• Once added, the kiosk confirms their queue position and wait time
• The employee receives a text confirming their queue position with a link to a live countdown for their wait
• The employee can then use their wait productively inside or outside of the tech bar until the Qudini system sends them a text message when their turn draws near
• When the employee returns to the tech bar, they are greeted by a staff member who uses Qudini on an iPad to monitor and manage the queue.

Tech bar team management

The head office tech bar can manage the employees seeking service at the same time as servicing other employees needs using Qudini on their desktop devices.


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  • Increased business productivity

    Technology is essential to powering the employees who drive the bank’s business. Qudini ensures that these employees are able to maximise their time at the office by getting the support they need as soon as they need it and enabling them to use any waiting time productively.

    Increased productivity for the IT support team

    The tech bar’s IT support team now have a central hub where employees bring devices for service and repair, so there is no need to waste time moving location. In addition, limited time is spent managing customers wanting service because Qudini automates everything.

  • Reduced business technology cost

    Qudini provides the bank with valuable insights on their tech bar operations and uses. This enables them to understand which devices and tools are problematic and how to best deploy their technology budgets to save costs moving forward.

    Talent attraction and retention

    The bank’s employees are happier and more productive. Qudini’s technology enables them to complete their work on time, improving their day-to-day experience and work-life balance, ultimately helping the bank attract and retain top talent.


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