Operating across 16 different countries throughout Africa and Asia, Airtel is a leading global telecommunications company. Airtel India operates 3,000 telecommunications stores and has a further 2,000 stores operated by their franchise partners.

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The challenge

Service within any telecoms store can take time. As one of the most popular telecoms stores in India, Airtel’s stores can be especially busy, leading to customers waiting in line to be served. To remedy this, Airtel trialled a basic queue ticketing system, which involved customers taking a paper ticket and waiting for their number to be called out by a member of staff. However, this rudimentary change did little to boost customer experience and didn’t offer any data insights.

As part of a brand innovation process, Airtel wanted to improve its in-store digital experience and capture more data on its customers and operations.

Multiple-queues per-user

Airtel deployed the Qudini Queue Management system and Appointment Booking software across their stores in India. They selected Qudini’s Retail Choreography software due to its flexibility, hardware compatibility and ease of out-of-box set-up, which enabled them to create their preferred customer journey and deploy the software to thousands of stores overnight with no on-site support needed. As a result, Airtel has managed to increase sales and customer loyalty by driving more footfall to its stores and retaining walk-ins, whilst simultaneously improving shop floor efficiency and resource allocation.

  • The Airtel walk-in customer journey

    • A walk-in customer joins a digital queue from a tablet kiosk near the door.
    • The kiosk confirms their queue position and estimated wait time, before printing a ticket.
    • Ticket numbers appear on a TV display that calls customers forward when it is their turn.
    • The customer can relax and peruse the store’s displays until they are called.
    • If the customer entered their mobile number, they receive an SMS message with a weblink to watch their place. An SMS updates them as their turn draws near.
    • The store staff are able to manage their customers, staff and shop floor activities using Qudini on their Windows devices.

  • The Airtel appointment customer journey

    • Customers using the Airtel website can find their nearest store and book an appointment.
    • A confirmation SMS and email confirms the customer’s booking.
    A reminder SMS and email are sent the day before the appointment.
    • When the customer arrives in store, the staff check them in and see them right away.

    Shop floor management

    Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, the store staff are able to manage their walk-in and appointment customers with ease, while also seamlessly communicating with colleagues and organising shop floor activities using Qudini on their Windows devices. What’s more, staff members taking their breaks are able to speak to the shop floor manager who can record their break and manage when they are due to return.


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  • Low cost implementation and ownership

    Airtel boosted their in-store experience without having to break the bank or even break a sweat. As Qudini’s out-of-box software was compatible with their current hardware, implementation across the country was simple, cost-effective and support-free. Meanwhile, the low cost of ongoing ownership drove an even higher ROI for the organisation.

    Increased sales

    Qudini’s queue system has enabled Airtel to serve and convert more customers by reducing wait times by 14% and using appointment bookings to spread their footfall to off-peak periods of the day.

  • Increased online conversion

    Qudini’s booking system has allowed customers to seamlessly book an in-store appointment on their website, enabling Airtel to better convert customers.

    More productive shop floor

    Qudini’s Shop Floor Management features (which enable Airtel to manage their team members’ customers, time, breaks and activities), has led to less customer complaints, 40% faster customer transactions and allowed Airtel store teams to save three hours per day.

  • Improved resource allocation

    The Qudini queue system and booking software save staff and customers time. In addition, the Business Intelligence Analytics, which the Qudini software provides, enable Airtel to better understand their footfall patterns and customer requests, helping them to more effectively allocate resources. Now, they always have the right colleague in the right place at the right time.

    Greater loyalty and word of mouth

    Qudini’s Queue Management and Appointment Booking software has cultivated a premium customer experience, which encourages customers to remain with Airtel, return to the store again and relay their positive experiences to their friends. This wave of good-feeling helps drive future revenues for the Airtel business.

  • Smarter commercial decisions

    Qudini provides the Airtel business with unique data insights that enable them to improve their marketing awareness and encourage more customers to choose Airtel.

    Increased competitive advantage

    Airtel’s premium and customer-friendly experience affords them a competitive advantage over other telco providers in India, allowing them to attract customers who might otherwise choose a competitor.

  • Saved physical space

    With Qudini, customers are more dispersed around the store whilst they wait, enabling Airtel to better use their physical space. The software also enables them to offer a more fluid retail-style customer service, where their colleagues are mobile across the floor and desks are no longer needed.


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