Article: 34 easy ways to promote your online appointment booking offering

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Consumer demand for one-to-one service with in-store experts is growing, and many retailers have been quick to realize this. But implementing an effective appointment booking software is only half the battle – it’s also essential to create an omni-channel marketing strategy around your new offering.

That’s why we’ve created a list of brilliant approaches all retailers need to implement to get the most out of their appointment scheduling software.

Firstly, meet QDi, our fictional luxury retail brand:

Now here’s the list of great ideas:

Digital marketing – Call to Actions (CTAs)

1) On your homepage

2) In your nav bar

3) Create promotional banners

4) And entry pop-ups

5) Set up a dedicated information page

6) Include bookings in your store locator page

7) And on your individual store pages

8) Showcase bookings on your product pages

9) Include a link in your footer


Promote your appointment booking platform across multiple channels

10) Across Google Ads and PPC

11) On your social channels

12) In your email marketing campaigns

13) Through SMS

14) In your Google My Business location profiles

Promoting your appointment booking platform offline

15) Outdoors

16) Across print

17) On your flyers

18) In your business cards

19) Point of Sale Table signs

20) Catalogues

21) Point of Sale posters

22) Point Of Sale Lollipop Signs

23) In your store windows

24) On posters

25) On your open and closed signs

26) On digital signage

27) And on desk signage

Promoting your appointment booking platform through Qudini

28) On the Qudini digital signage TV display

29) In the booking widget on devices

30) On the Qudini kiosk app



31) On Qudini appointment booking emails

32) On Qudini’s SMS capabilities

33) On the Qudini weblink

34) And in your follow up messaging

We hope you find this list helpful. For more indepth insights and ideas, download our:

Appointment booking guide here. 



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