Battle of the sexes: Men more likely than women to post their complaints on social media when faced with poor service, reveals Qudini survey

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Men living in the UK more likely than women to notice poor in-store experiences and report more instances

London, United Kingdom – 25 April, 2018: Recent research conducted by Qudini, an award-winning London based SaaS customer experience management platform offering queue management and appointment booking software to retailers, with over 2,000 consumers has revealed men are 18% more likely to post their complaints to social media.

The findings were revealed in the company’s latest whitepaper ‘The cause of customer complaints’, which highlights the frequency and cause of poor customer experiences in the United Kingdom. The survey revealed that men and women have different concerns that lead to poor stores experiences, and even have different methods of complaining.

The research shows that men report 7% more frequent instances of poor in-store experiences, and are particularly affected by unavailable stock or lack of available information when in a store environment. Whereas Women are more likely to complain about rude or unhelpful staff or lack of available staff. Both genders are almost equally affected by long waiting times.

In response to poor experiences, women are more likely than men to tell a friend or family member, either in conversation or by text or email. In contrast to this, men are more likely to confront the issue by complaining directly to a staff member or manager, and they are also more likely to voice their complaint on social media.

Across both genders, an average of 21% of customers are likely to voice their complaints on social media. This is equal to the percentage of customers choosing not to take any action over their complaint.

Commenting on the findings, Imogen Wethered, CEO & Co-founder at Qudini said: “It is most interesting to learn what customers are complaining about and how they are complaining. The fact that 21% of customers choose to use social media as a channel to complain, which is equal to the number of customers not complaining at all, is significant. The wide usage of social media means that poor in-store experiences can have a significant impact on retailers brand and reputation. This means that it’s more important than ever for retailers to ensure fantastic customer experiences and service that give customers no reason to complain.”

It is interesting to note that men are more likely to voice their dissatisfaction over poor customer service via social media.

She added: “Retailers cannot afford to neglect customer complaints and need to ensure that the brand message and values align with each other both on and offline to avoid damage to reputation and lost revenue.”

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Qudini is a cloud-based platform that allows brands with physical locations to create fantastic customers experiences. This is done through technology to manage queues and walk-in customers requiring service, with additional functionality that allows brands to take bookings for appointments and events online. Qudini works with: O2, Telefónica global, John Lewis, Thomas Cook and many other fantastic retailers as well as the NHS and many of London’s hottest restaurant brands, including: Honest Burgers, Hoppers, the Diner and many others.



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