Travel retailers can alleviate customer pain points through appointment booking software

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Travel retailers can alleviate customer pain points with appointment booking software by better managing store footfall, eliminating wait lines and optimizing store staff.

The process of making a high-cost purchase, such as booking a holiday, can be stressful at the best of times. With holiday makers each spending up to 30 hours a year deciding where to go, it usually requires having to consult various websites online and having to ask your friends, family, colleagues and everyone but your dog as to whether or not they have been to the destination and would they recommend going back there again. These days, people genuinely don’t have time and either book through a website such as or try and pop into their local travel agents during lunch times.

However, therein lies the problem. During peak periods such as lunch time and weekends, customers can wait for lengthy periods of time in-store to speak with an advisor or abandon their purchases. This can often lead to staff being unable to serve customers and customers complaining on social media or walking out of store.

How Qudini can help?

Manage footfall and conversions in-store

To manage footfall more efficiently, we help travel retailers through our appointment booking service. This enables customers to pre-book an appointment online and helps staff to better prepare for the customer’s service and ultimately to improve conversion.

“When a customer books an appointment online it allows me to put them with the right person as I know what they are coming in to discuss. This increases the chance of making the sale.” Store Manager, Retail Travel Agency (2017)

Optimize staff efficiency

In turn, Qudini helps the travel agency to become more efficient, using our shop floor management capabilities to improve performance in real-time and our rich data platform to enhance the future of their operation.

Here’s what our client’s store managers say about how things were to be if Qudini was removed.

“I would miss it as it differentiates us from other travel agents. It helps us to create better relationships and manage the queue. Please don’t take it away,” – Store Manager Retail, travel agency

The results speak for themselves:

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