Helping to fight the Coronavirus while keeping life and the economy in motion

Through software that enables organizations to ensure social distancing and offer safe and engaging customer and employee experiences.

Our story

Qudini is a leading global B2B SaaS provider of Retail Choreography Solutions for virtual queue management, appointment booking and task management. Driven by a powerful mission to ensure that the magic of retail thrives into the future, our solutions are used by stores all over the world to improve their experience, operations and data.

During Covid-19, our software is helping retailers to offer safe and engaging retail experiences by enabling their customers to schedule store visits or virtual services, to queue remotely while staying updated and to receive contactless online order pickup experiences.

Company description

Qudini is a global B2B SaaS company that offers market-pioneering Retail Choreography solutions – the first software suite to enable retailers to triumph by optimizing their experience, operations and data.

Forming in 2012 after founders Imogen Wethered and Fraser Hardy attended a corporate-sponsored hackathon and bonded over a shared passion for the magic of retail, Qudini is still driven by its original mission: to help brands to own their futures through captivating omni-channel offerings that transform their stores into magical destinations for brand, community and social interactions.

Today our platform helps drive greater profitability and lasting brand relevance through a range of innovative solutions, including; appointment scheduling, queue management, event management, task management and shop floor management software. As the future of retail continues to unfold, we continue to evolve our solutions in collaboration with our global network of enterprise retailers looking to future-proof their brands.

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Qudini Founders

Our founders

Imogen explains the motivation for building Qudini

“Inspired and troubled by the challenges facing the retail market within a time of a revolution in consumer shopping behaviours, we wanted to be a part of defining a retail future that was truly omni-channel and retained the magic of physical stores and their importance as centers for leisure, community, social interactions and brand relationships.”

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Whether working together or with our clients,
we always follow our #EPIIC values

  • Energy

    Dynamic and energetic, we make work an exciting adventure. We are progressive, proactive and fast-paced.

  • Passion

    Passionate and enthusiastic about making a difference. Dedicated to achieving quality.

  • Insight

    Focused on understanding challenges and learning through feedback. Analytical about how to make an impact.

  • Innovation

    Solving problems with creativity and new ideas. We are creating the future of retail.

  • Collaboration

    Working together with clients to create ideas and build together. We’re flexible and adaptable to requirements.

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Key contacts

  • Imogen Wethered

    CEO & Founder

    Imogen has been building Qudini since the age of 23. It all started in 2012, when Imogen, with no prior technology experience attended a hackathon. The rest is history.

    Day-to-day, Imogen works closely with a large number of enterprise retail brands to build innovative and bespoke solutions with the power to solve market challenges.

  • Fraser Hardy

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Fraser co-founded Qudini at the age of 26 with a passion for innovation and building mobile apps.

    With an MSc in Mobile Computing, a BSc in Computer Networking and nine years of experience delivering IT projects for large companies, Fraser has a sound business mind and is a great generator of innovative tech ideas, with a powerful ability to turn ideas into viable products.

  • Crispin Lowrey


    Crispin is a Managing Director at Google, leading the growth of the Google platforms & ecosystems and managing Retail and Carrier relationships across EMEA. He has held C-level positions at Apple Inc., Nike Inc., Clarks and Tesco Plc., where he has led the development of overall business, managed effective operations in the UK and drove expansions across EMEA.

  • Raj Sangha

    Commercial Director

    As Qudini’s Commercial Director, Raj is responsible for overseeing the commercial, projects and customer success teams and driving new business and partnerships across EMEA and APAC. With over 25 years experience working with enterprise and retail technology leaders, Raj is passionate about ensuring Qudini customers have a frictionless customer experience across their journeys.

  • Orlando Wethered Chief Of Staff Qudini

    Orlando Wethered

    Chief of Staff

    Orlando works across multiple departments, working on unique client and internal projects. As well as this, he heads up the customer service desk. Orlando has experience with business operations and project delivery since he started his career in IT and software. He is dedicated to engaging with Qudini users and clients to help grow the platform.

  • Ed Heal

    Enterprise Account Director

    Ed has a background in the sales and marketing of queue management systems and a strong understanding of the associated customer experience challenges in retail, transportation and the public sector. Ed is ever passionate about working with clients to create unique customer journeys.

  • Harriett Taylor


    Harriett is a born and bred South African who moved to London 2 years ago. Her background is in managing finances and reporting for companies with high growth plans. She’s extremely passionate about being in a team where she feels a part of the family and is selling an exciting product that changes the way that businesses operate. She sees Qudini as family and our clients as part of the journey to becoming a bigger family.

  • Baxter Tailford

    Project Implementation Manager

    Baxter has worked in SAAS since he was 18, and induced a passion for implementing innovative solutions with an aim of building a more sustainable and efficient economy, which is grounded with a MSc in Corporate Sustainability and Management. Believing in Qudini’s capabilities to deliver such, Baxter joined Qudini to assist clients with implementing the system and provide them with purpose and direction.


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