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“It has been fantastic working with Qudini. We have found them incredibly agile, very responsive to our needs and we are really comfortable that what we’ve got now is absolutely perfect for our stores.”

Bridget Lea
General Manager, O2 UK


We’re dedicated to transforming the high-street into the place to
go for great experiences and enhanced relationships. Using our
innovative technology, we help brands to better manage their customers
and resources to ensure that every customer interaction is seamless,
personalised and engaging. Powering our client’s profitability in the process.


Qudini provides Customer Experience Software that enables service-driven businesses (in retail, telecoms, financial services and beyond) to increase their profitability by providing premium experiences and services to their customers.

79% of organisations see Customer Experience as a vital differentiation strategy. While reports show a direct correlation between customer experience leaders and increased market share.

Qudini’s SaaS Software helps businesses to stand out on the high-street and to attract footfall, increase sales and drive long-lasting loyalty, whilst simultaneously improving their operations. This is achieved through innovative and flexible solutions for appointment bookings, event management, queue management, help systems and more.

Deployed across thousands of stores globally, in the UK, Spain, the USA, Australia and South America, our innovative solutions improve experiences for 24 million customers a year for some of the worlds very best enterprise organisations and small businesses. Including O2, Tesco, Telefonica Global, John Lewis, Thomas Cook, Specsavers, the NHS and many others.

Qudini is a B2B software company that provides Customer Experience SaaS solutions to organisations in retail, hospitality, public sectors and healthcare.

Qudini first launched with our digital queue management system in 2012. Due to a growing knowledge and passion for retail and customer experience, we have since diversified our offering to include appointment booking and event booking software, and continue to innovate our offering.

From the outset, our company has worked heavily with Enterprise organisations. This enables us to truly understand the challenges of our clients and their respective industries, and to be more agile & adaptable to our clients needs than any other providers in the market.

Founded after a corporate sponsored hackathon in 2012.

Qudini is backed by leading FTSE 100 companies: Telefonica and John Lewis through their corporate accelerator programs (Wayra & JLAB).

Our Values

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    We’re dynamic and make work an exciting adventure. We are progressive, proactive and fast paced.

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    Passionate, and enthusiastic about making a difference. Dedicated to achieving quality. Dedicated to achieving quality.

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    Focused on understanding challenges and learning through feedback. Analytical about how to make impact. Analytical about how to make impact.

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    Solving problems with creativity and new ideas. We are creating the future. We are creating the future.

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    Working together with clients to create ideas and build together. We’re flexible and adaptable to requirements

Our Founders

  • Imogen Wethered
  • Fraser Hardy
  • Meet Imogen & Fraser.

    Imogen and Fraser founded Qudini after meeting at a coporate sponsored hackathon in 2012. They have been working to make the high streets more shoppable ever since.

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