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At Qudini we create innovative and flexible customer management products that solve problems, improve efficiencies and drive high value business cases.

"It has been fantastic working with Qudini, we have found them incredibly agile, very receptive to our needs, and we are really comfortable that what we've got now is absolutely perfect for our stores."

Bridget Lea
General Manager, O2 UK

Qudini in the press

Wayra Start‐up becomes preferred supplier to Telefonica global

Telefonica implanta un software para evitar el abandono de sus tiendas

House of Fraser to roll out queue busting technology

London's DNAs (*that's Digital Natives) include Imogen Wethered, CEO, Qudini.

What we're about

Improve returns

Solving problems and improving returns


Creating innovative and flexible products


Being professional, passionate and energetic

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Passionate about working with businesses to create new and exciting customer experiences that also improve efficiencies and drive high value business cases. Imogen founded Qudini straight out of university after meeting her co­founder Fraser at an O2 sponsored Hackathon. Imogen drives the operations, business strategy and commercial activities of Qudini (including sales and partnerships).

Imogen Wethered


Driven inventor of innovative technologies that use complex algorithms to create powerful functionality with intuitive interfaces, Fraser has a background in both systems networking and mobile computing. Fraser manages Qudini inventive engineering to create new technologies and ensure high ­performance client delivery.

Fraser Hardy


Crispin is a Managing Director at Google, leading the growth of the Google platforms & ecosystems and managing Retail and Carrier relationships across EMEA. He has held C-level positions at Apple Inc., Nike Inc., Clarks and Tesco Plc., where he has led the development of overall business, managed effective operations in the UK and drove expansions across EMEA.

Crispin Lowery

Board Advisor

James Derbyshire

James Derbyshire

Non-Executive Director

Coming soon...

Raj Sangha

Commercial Director

Ed has a background in the sales and marketing of queue management systems and a strong understanding of the associated customer experience challenges in retail, transportation and the public sector. Ed is ever passionate about working with clients to create unique customer journeys.

Ed Heal

Director of Enterprise Accounts

Phillip Griffiths

Phillip Griffiths

Head of Projects and Customer Success

Gonzalo Torregrosa

Gonzalo Torregrosa

Partnerships Manager

Orlando Wethered

Orlando Wethered

Project Manager & Customer Support

Anne Gicovi

Anne Gicovi

Project and Training Coordinator

The Qudini Story


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A member of Telefonica's first Wayra accelerator in London.


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A member of John Lewis' JLAB innovation programme.


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Proudly endorsed by Gartner in their 2015 Cool Vendors reports.