7 leading retailers using Qudini’s Virtual Queuing and Appointment Scheduling Software in 2021

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Qudini’s Retail Choreography solutions are perfect for retailers wanting to better choreograph their customer journey – and it turn out that they’re also quite useful tools to have during a global pandemic, believe it or not.

As a result, a number of well-known retail brands rolled out our virtual queue management and appointment scheduling software solutions across their store portfolio’s last year, including:

John Lewis and Waitrose – Virtual queues and appointment bookings to enter stores and receive service

Waitrose grocery stores and John Lewis department stores (before the December 2020 lockdown) are using Qudini to manage occupancy limits and the flow of customers around stores. Using Qudini, customers wanting to enter store or to receive service within an individual John Lewis department (such as the children’s department), can speak to a host with a tablet, scan a QR code or text an SMS code in order to join a virtual queue. Once in the queue, the customer can relax while they wait and they’ll receive SMS updates and a countdown of their position.

In addition, customers also have the opportunity to book a fixed time to visit the store from the John Lewis and Waitrose websites.

Using Qudini’s Occupancy Management features enables the John Lewis and Waitrose store partners to easily track the number of customers entering and exiting the store. In such large stores with many entrances and departments, this functionality importantly enables the partners to communicate in real-time to control customer flow and ensure a safe level of store occupancy at any one time.

Daily Mail: Waitrose uses Qudini’s online queuing system during Christmas holidays 2020

Marks & Spencer – Occupancy tracking and virtual queues to enter stores

Department store and grocery retailer, Marks and Spencer, is using Qudini to manage occupancy limits within stores and queues outside of stores.

Using Qudini, customers wanting to enter stores can speak to a host with a tablet, scan a QR code or text an SMS code in order to join a virtual queues. Once in the queue, the customer can relax while they wait and they’ll receive SMS updates and a countdown of their position.

The team at M&S can also keep track of occupancy levels within stores by using Qudini’s occupancy tracking feature. The feature’s real-time capabilities allows store associates to easily track the number of customers entering and exiting the store in real-time, ensuring a safe level of store occupancy at any one time.

M&S also use Qudini’s Appointment Scheduling Software to allow customers skip the queues completely by booking specific time-slots to visit stores.

These tools have enabled the retailer to provide an exceptional, safe and memorable service during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

M&S use queuing system to manage crowds outside stores

Curry PC World – Check-in for contactless pickup

To better support customers across their Currys PC World stores, Dixons Carphone offers a fast drive-through collection service. Customers can buy products online and collect them from the car park using the Qudini Virtual Queuing System. Customers arriving at a store can check-in by accessing a weblink in their order confirmation email or through scanning a QR code at the front of the parking bay. Once checked in they receive their queue position by SMS and a live smartphone webpage that counts down while they wait. A store associate will then locate the customer’s order and drop it into the customer’s car trunk, enabling the customer to drive in and out of the store premises without leaving their cars.

The Qudini software enables customers to have an entirely safe and contactless pickup experience that is both efficient and engaging. This has enabled the stores to improve productivity while also increasing loyalty to the Currys PC world brand.

A video of the customer journey:

Pets At Home Curbside pickup

UK pet supplies retailer, Pets At Home, uses Qudini’s curbside pickup check-in software to allow customers to check in remotely from outside the store or in the car park.

Customers arriving at stores to collect their online orders are able to check-in from their phones, informing store teams that they have arrived, who then locate and prepare their orders and bring it to them. Meanwhile the customer will receive SMS updates and an on-screen countdown while they wait. The system offers customers a fast and convenient collection experience that encourages them to return more frequently.

Pandora Virtual wait lines for service and store appointments

Global jewelry retailer, Pandora, deployed Qudini’s Virtual Wait Line System and Appointment Booking Software across its store portfolio to provide its customers with an engaging customer experience.

When stores have reached capacity, customers wanting to receive service are able to join a virtual wait line using their smartphones by QR code or SMS. They then receive an estimated wait time, a position in the line and an SMS update when it is time to return to store.

Customers also have the option to prebook appointments with in-store experts in order to receive one-to-one service using Qudini’s Appointment Booking System.

Nike – Reserved express shopping

Since reopening its stores, Nike has been using the Qudini Appointment Booking system to enable its customers to visit its website or to scan a QR code in store to reserve an express shopping service. This service enables customers to visit a store at a fixed time and to provide a list of their required items to a store colleague who will locate the items for them, ensuring a highly efficient and premium shopping experience that drives sales and loyalty.

Nike also allow customers to scan a QR code to join a virtual line outside all its outlet stores. Once in the virtual line, customers are able to watch their place and will receive SMS updates as their turn draws near. Meanwhile, the store team can manage their customers and store occupancy.

Asda – Virtual queues to enter stores

Grocery retailer Asda (part of Walmart group) has been using the Qudini Virtual Queuing System to improve its Covid-19 shopping experience.

To escape standing in a physical queue to enter the store, Asda customers are able to follow poster signage in the car park to join a virtual queue by texting an SMS code or by scanning a QR code from their phone. Once added to the virtual queue, customers will receive a confirmation text message and a weblink to follow their queue position while they wait.

The system means that customers can now wait from the comfort of their cars (avoiding cold and wet weather) until a text notifies them that it’s almost their turn to enter the store. This has enabled Asda to drive greater customer loyalty and advocacy that is converting into both immediate and long-term sales.

Asda beefs up anti-Covid security for Christmas

These are just some of the many leading retailers we’re working with. For more client examples and a demo, get in touch on info@qudini.com 




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