5 ways task management software encourages HQ to store communication during Covid-19

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

With the Covid-19 lockdown easing, many non-essential retailers are looking to reopen their store portfolios in the weeks ahead – but there are a number of difficult challenges retailers are up against.

Covid-19 has brought about a number of challenges when it comes to the day-to-day running of stores: ensuring teams are following the latest governmental or industry guidelines, determining how to best limit the risk of exposure to employees and customers, managing an increasingly complex workforce while ensuring productivity, and finding ways to boost staff morale.

Leading retailers are using task management software to seamlessly communicate with their stores, resulting in increased staff productivity, reduced staff turnover, and a better customer experience.

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Here’s 5 ways a task management app helps retailers during Covid-19:

1) Manage tasks through to completion

In today’s retail environment, being able to share tasks across your store portfolio is of huge advantage. New health and safety initiatives, for instance, can be implemented at once.

Task management software allows head office teams to view, create, schedule and assign tasks to store teams – and they can follow their stores’ progress through to completion.

2) Send updates and motivational tips

With store staff under immense pressure to perform, not to mention operating in an entirely new environment, it’s important for retailers to communicate transparently and openly in order to set expectations and boost morale.

Task management software allows retailers to share updates, motivational tips and urgent messages with staff in real-time.

3) Share the latest resources with employees

To educate employees on new social distancing and hygiene measures, or to train new members of staff, head office teams can easily share training resources through a range of mediums including PDFs, URLs, images or video attachments.

4) Better manage teams and increase productivity

A task management system also allows store managers and supervisors to effectively manage their teams by assigning individual tasks to store associates, sharing messages, and managing staff breaks and shift times. It also allows store managers to track the progress of recurring and one-off tasks, share individual messages, manage checklists and stay updated.

5) Measure the performance of store teams

Task management software also comes with invaluable data insights, which allows retailers to track individual, team and store performance and capture time and motion activities.

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