5 reasons why retailers should be hosting virtual events right now

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction, but virtual events come with a number of enticing benefits that smart retailers are making the most of, and they’re using event management software to power the process.

In-store events were just starting to take off, with big and influential brands like Samsung and Lululemon going so far as to build their stores with event-hosting spaces for workshops, classes and tutorials in mind, and reaping the rewards because of it.

While Covid-19 has temporarily put a pin on that, consumers are still hungry to interact with brands they feel strongly about, and hosting virtual events is a great way to foster that engagement and reach new audiences altogether. With the power to reach anyone, anywhere, virtual events may just find a permanent place in the marketing strategies of brands worldwide.

1) Keep your existing customers engaged

Online sales may be up, and in-store foot traffic may down, but customer engagement is still ripe for the taking.

To keep consumers engaged in their brand, many retailers are hosing online events, from workshops and classes to live discussions with influencers and celebrities. This is a great way to keep consumers engaged in your brand and thinking about you, even if they’re not spending big.

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2) Reach new audiences

One of the great things about hosting events online is that anyone can join. Just think how many of your customers wouldn’t have been able to make it along to your in-store or in-person events in the past because of other commitments, or because they don’t live in the same city.

The beauty of virtual events is that anyone can join, from anywhere. And, instead of leaving the house, they can join from any device – all they need to do is sign up and follow a link. The commitment on their end if significantly lower, making it even more appealing.

3) They’re easy to manage and promote

Using the right event management software, retailers can create a seamless and highly engaging sign up process.

Qudini’s event management software integrates perfectly with your existing website, and allows customers to view and sign up for upcoming events without any added stress.

NatWest allow customers to easily sign up to online Digital Lessons.

Find out more about Qudini’s Event Management Software.

4) Save time and money

Online events also means retailers can host events all around the country or world without having to host store or location-specific events. This means costs are saved on having to make preparations in-stores or venues and dedicate resources.

5) Gain customer feedback

With technology the way it is, there are loads of tools and approaches retailers can use to make their events more engaging and interactive, such as taking real-time polls.

Ask customers what they think of your latest product, what they’d like more of or how likely they are to visit a store any time soon.



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