5 online event ideas to keep your customers engaged during Covid-19

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

Stay front-of-mind during Covid-19 by adding value to your customers lives with engaging events – plus make the customer journey seamless with retail event management software.

With consumers confined to their homes, and with average online delivery times taking weeks instead of days, retailers are investing in new and exciting ways to keep customers engaged during the lockdown period. 

Take Ikea Spain’s Stay Home campaign, which was launched in mid-March in an attempt to get people encouraged and inspired about their homes as places of both work and relaxation.

Many leading retailers are also hosting a range of events, classes and workshops with the home-bound consumer front-of-mind.

Create events consumers can easily discover and book

Here are 5 types of events retailers are investing in:

1) Host an online workshop

In-store workshops have taken off in recent years – yet as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, many retailers are looking to move the same approach online using event software.  

Teach your customers a new skill, or dial in an industry expert to take the reins. The options are plentiful, from art workshops to cooking lessons to fitness classes. 

Source: Nike.com

In a bold yet brilliant move, sportswear giant Nike has made its app free for everyone to download during Covid-19, granting access to workout videos, training programs and expert tips from trainers.

2) Have a live discussion with an influencer

The general public are confined to their homes – and so, too, are the majority of celebrities and influencers – so why not connect them together?

One great way to get your brand in front of a new audience is by hosting live discussions or Q&As with popular online influencers or celebrities.

Source: Vuori

Every morning (except Saturdays) the activewear brand, Vuori, hosts live workout classes on Instagram, but the retailer has taken this to the next level by hosting live discussions with celebrities, most recently NBA player, Steve Nash.

3) Showcase a brand new product

What do you normally do when you launch a new product? Do you invite some of your most engaged customers and client partners along to one of your stores for a product launch party? Do you bring along a few famous guest speakers to get their thoughts on the new product? Perhaps you have a live demo to show off the goods? Thankfully, these approaches are all possible in online environments, too.

Host an online webinar, invite your press contacts and celebrity endorsers, and do a live product demo online.

4) Educate your audience

As brands continue to focus their attention on bringing their offering online, many retailers are looking to educate and inform their customers about their digital services.

For instance, we’re seeing many retail banks hosting webinars that showcase how to use their mobile and digital banking platforms.

5) Livestream an event

While most major events around the world have been cancelled or moved to later dates, Shanghai Fashion Week made the bold move to completely digitize its show. On 24 March, the live fashion event showcased collections from 31 designers through its social channels and websites, opening up the door for equally bold innovators to follow in its footsteps.

With the right event management and video software in place, retailers can livestream events that truly engage.

Source: The Drum

Another great example is Chinese e-Commerce giant, JD.com, which has created a live clubbing experience for the coronavirus lockdown era by taking it to people’s living rooms (as well as delivering them alcohol from their favorite brands like Budweiser and Remy Cointreau.

How to increase sign ups to online events with event management software

1) Enable customers to easily discover your events

Let customers book spots on your events from your website, app, social channels and more.

2) Let your customers receive real-time updates and notifications to secure their interest

Keep customers engaged and informed with a confirmation message and regular updates across multiple channels.

3) At the time of the event, allow customers to seamlessly sign on to your events

Make it easy for your customers to sign on to your events by using an event management software that integrates with Zoom or other video conferencing tools.

Find out more about hosting perfectly orchestrated online events during Covid-19 using retail event registration software here:


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