3 business-case benefits of implementing Retail Choreography solutions

Dylan Brown
by Dylan Brown

Qudini’s Retail Choreography framework enables retailers to create more powerful customer experiences, better manage store operations and capture valuable data through its suite of appointment scheduling software, queue management software, event management software and task management software. Here’s how…

Modern retailers are fighting battles on multiple fronts – there’s the need to remain relevant with younger consumers, store operations are becoming more and more intensive, and there’s a lack of data retailers can rely on to make accurate commercial decisions about their stores.

The new Retail Choreography framework enables retailers to better plan and control their customer experience, store associate operations and data capture across all retail touchpoints – meaning when a customer makes their way through your doors, you are essentially “choreographing” their experience.

To help retailers win the retail revolution, we’ve designed a range of Retail Choreography software solutions – here are three of the most significant business benefits:

Increased profitability

Our Retail Choreography solutions have been proven to increase footfall traffic, conversion rates and customer loyalty – thus, also increasing sales figures as a result.

A core element of the Retail Choreography framework is finding engaging and compelling ways to attract more customers in-store. One highly effective way to do this is by implementing appointment scheduling software – enabling your customers to seamlessly make appointments with your store associates for expert advice or servicing at a time that best suits them.

After using Qudini’s Appointment Scheduling software, which enables customers to book appointments online, an electronics retailer noticed that 40% of their footfall was coming through online bookings while an international retail bank doubled video banking traffic as a direct result of our online bookings functionality.

Our Appointment Scheduling software also increased conversion rates by 10% for a travel retailer, as they were able to pair up the right people to the right customers based on their knowledge and expertise. It also has an impact on customer retention – a high-end department store client saw a 13% reduction of appointment no shows after implementing our software, and a beauty retailer experienced a 30% reduction.

Another crucial aspect to the Retail Choreography framework is better managing the in-store customer journey. For instance, by implementing Digital Queuing Systems in-store, customers were not only less frustrated with having to wait in line, they were far more likely to make purchases in-store. A furniture retail client of ours said 24% of their customers made a purchase while waiting for service, while an optical retail client experienced an average transaction value increase of 33%, as customers were seen to quicker and had more time to buy glasses in-store.

It also offers immediate value. Our Retail Choreography software solutions are easily implemented and offer immediate value – most retailers experience an increase return on investment of anywhere between 900-2,000% in the first month.

Lasting brand relevance

While our range of Retail Choreography solutions draws more customers to your stores, they also keep your customers there for longer. But to achieve that, retailers need to provide an exceptional in-store experience.

Consulting and professional services firm, PwC, recently highlighted the need for retailers to focus on creating powerful in-store experiences to boost brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage.

A survey of 21,000 online consumers in 27 different territories showed that in addition to the traditional return on investment (ROI) metrics used to determine a company’s success, PwC highlighted another metric, one with a laser focus on customer experience: return on experience (ROX).

PwC’s Global Consumer Markets leader, John Maxwell, said: “Whether your organisation sells household goods, health services, cars or financial services, delivering a superior experience will be what makes you a winner… Because consumers today are so discerning and powerful, it’s our perspective that most organisations need to invest far more in customer experience (CX).”

By improving the in-store experience, retailers can increase customer retention, loyalty and advocacy. This is something many of our clients have experienced as a direct result of implementing our solutions.

For instance, our solutions enabled a telco retailer to reduce walkouts by 62% by providing customers with a streamlined and optimized in-store experience – the same telco retailer took its NPS scores to an “all-time high” by using our services.

Improved in-store operations and productivity

Our range of Retail Choreography software solutions also help retailers improve operations on the shop floor by improving productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

An eyewear and beauty retailer reported a 13% reduction in dwell time of its store associates after enabling customers to book appointments with team members throughout the day rather than during peak times.

This approach means retailers can increase staff retention and talent attraction, as store associates are more in control of what’s going on in their stores and are significantly less stressed.

Our Task Management solution enables retailers to improve shop floor productivity by allowing store managers to allocate tasks to store associates and ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Our solutions also enable retailers to improve resource allocation: one of our clients was able to reduce allocated resources in their stores by $2 million as they had greater visibility on when and where to position their store associates.

And while most retailers only have access to basic metrics like sales figures, footfall traffic and HR data, Qudini’s data analytics dashboards enable retailers to capture e-commerce-level data on their brick-and-mortar operations, including who is visiting your stores and why, how they are engaging with your brand during their visit, how they learnt about your business, how long they spent in-store and if they were satisfied with their experience.

With access to over 100 different customer metrics, retailers can therefore make smarter commercial decisions on resource allocation, stock, marketing initiatives and sales. It also saves head office teams time by allowing them to easily track what’s going on in stores by assigning tasks and better communicating.

This level of insight means retailers can cut costs on other less effective means of gathering data, such as store exit surveys and mystery shopping activities.

Our software also means retailers can fully optimize their physical store space, as it eliminates the need for areas where customers wait in line. For instance, one of the largest UK grocery retailers replaced its click and collect desks with our kiosks, meaning they were able to save 20 square meters per store and enabled their store associates to better manage their time instead of standing behind the click and collect desk.

Qudini’s Retail Choreography software solutions also ensures your stores are operating in a GDPR manner – instead of using clipboards and pens to manage customer data, store associates can easily process and regulate customer data in a GDPR compliant manner.

For more information on the benefits of our Retail Choreography solutions, click on our Impressive ROI page.


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