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Retail is in a revolution

  • Customers

    Customers are more demanding, fickle and vocal than ever before

    This makes it harder to drive customers to your business and retain their loyalty.

  • Operations

    Store operations are more intensive and margins are tighter

    This means it’s essential to make the most out of your people and your space.

  • Data

    Brick-and-mortar data is disparate and hard to collect

    This prohibits intelligent decision-making on stock, resourcing, merchandising and marketing.

Retail Choreography creates winners

  • Superior customer

    • Drive footfall to stores
    • Optimize sales
    • Increase brand awareness and perception
    • Drive ongoing loyalty and advocacy
  • Advanced operations

    • Improve performance
    • Make the most out of your people and space
    • Optimize compliance
    • Centralize tools
    • Enhance staff retention
  • Game changing data insights

    • Increase your competitive advantage
    • Make smarter commercial decisions that further advance sales and brand equity

Choreograph your retail future initiatives

Connecting customers to store associates and stock
  • Store meeter-greeters
  • Premium services
  • Speedy service and check-out
  • Never leave a customer unattended
  • Convenient click and collect
  • After-sales service
Improving store experience
  • Stores as showrooms
  • In-store leisure experiences
  • Workshops and classes
  • Community events
  • In-store spaces to dwell
  • Inclusivity and accessibility
  • Robots and intelligent stores
Omni-channel services
  • Virtual phone/video services
  • Online classes
  • Field consultants
  • Home services
  • New store formats
  • Mobile stores
  • Online bots
Know your customers
  • Customer data insights
  • Knowledgeable advisors
  • Personalized promotions
    & communications
  • Pre-order stock
Improving store processes
  • Right time, right place operations
  • Improved HQ to store communications
  • Seamless compliance
  • Workplace of the future
  • Brick-and-mortar data improvements

Organization-wide impact

Hover over the tiles to read quotes from our customers

  • Increase sales

    • 10% conversion increase for a travel agency
    • 62% walkout reduction for a telco retailer
    • 33% average transaction value increase for an eyewear retailer

    “Qudini has enabled us to have a much more pleasant customer experience in the store and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue.”

    Franchise Partner, Specsavers

    Inspire loyalty and advocacy 

    • 40% NPS score increase for a prominent department store due to a 65% click and collect wait-time reduction
    • “All-time high” NPS scores for a telco retailer

    “For us, it’s all about retention. And Qudini allows us to give that value-add to ensure we are providing the best possible experience for customers at the start and end of their journey.”

    CX Leader, Samsung

  • Reduce operational costs

    • 13% reduction in dwell time for an eyewear and beauty retailer
    • Increase in productivity of store associates at a prominent grocery retailer

    “Qudini allows me to allocate resource more effectively, so that the team functions more efficiently, than ever before.”

    Branch Manager, International Retail Bank

    Ensure brand relevance

    Outmaneuver the competition by improving your brand perception. Brands like O2, Specsavers, NatWest and Samsung use our technology to ensure they’re seen as innovative, digital and customer-centric.

    “I like it. It’s very professional and something that our competition doesn’t offer.”

    Store Associate, Tui

  • Make smarter decisions

    Get real-time store insights that you can rely on. Qudini enabled a telco client to reduce consulting spend by up to $200k per annum by reducing the need for time and motion studies, mystery shopping and exit surveys. 

    “Qudini has really helped us to understand how our stores are planning time and utilising people in-store. It also gives us some really clear insights into when customers are coming in and what they are coming in to ask us.”

    Head of Operations, O2

    Immediate value

    Our software is so simple to use, store associates pick it up within half a day – and within a month, they usually achieve a return on investment of anywhere between 900-2,000%.

    “Learning to use Qudini is really really simple, the steps are really easy. The user interface is really simple. It took me about half a day to learn how to utilise all the services.”

    Store Associate, Samsung


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